Multi Protocol Interface Gateway


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MPIGate, is a multiprotocol gateway and interface for assisted living applications. This project aims to facilitate the development of applications thanks to the abstraction of sensing data and the facility of access to read and write functions over the devices plugged to the network. The contribution includes modularity and a middleware layer offering modularity and quality of service. The proposed unified syntax of messages facilitates interconnection with other systems, networks and devices.
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MPIGate is based on a distributed architecture, scalable, and open on the other system. Is composed of 4 layers:



The functionalities of an assisted living application can be classified depending on the needs of the user, an elderly/chronic disease person for instance: comfort, security, daily aid/home-support services and/or tele-health services.

In all the cases, three key components can be clearly identified:

The Project


MPIGate stands for Multi Protocol Interface GATEway for Telecare, Environment Monitoring and Control. It's a research project of TRIO Team of LORIA, created in October 2009 as a follow-up of wireless sensor network (WSN) projects in telecare, home assisted living, domotic, logistic and industry domains.

The MPIGate project aims to interface several technologies for an easier interoperability. This project pretends facilitate access to wireless sensor networks and its applications to people working on telehealth, telecare, home assisted living, etc.
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