Multi Protocol Interface Gateway


Used technology in LORIA's Smart Home




CPER - Situated Informatics Project, Intelligent Home platform for people assistance.

LORIA's Smart HOME (INRIA Nancy, Grand Est)





Biometrics Bluetooth sensors from Boston Life Labs. These sensors features temperature, ECG, weight, pulse and oxygen level monitoring. These sensors are accessed directly through the Bluetooth interface of MPIGate.


An IEEE 802.15.4 sensor network is deployed in the apartment. This network relies on the WaspMote platform. Using ZigBee Pro routing protocol the sensors monitor light, temperature, doors/window opening, presence on chairs/bed sofas, movement detection (PIR), water consumption. The MPIGate includes a IEEE802.15.4 sink node to interact with this network.


A EIB/KNX home automation network. This wired network monitors light, temperature, movement detection (PIR), electric/water consumption and controls lighting, roller blinds, heating, electric door opening. The MPIGate interacts with the KNX equipments through a EIB/USB gateway and the KNXLive! suite.


An IP camera network monitors each room of the apartment. The cameras are PTZ cameras which can be operated through Internet. Companion robots which communicate through IEEE802.15.4 or WiFi.


A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor network from Texas Instrument (TI) is deployed in the apartment. The version of the BLE module was developed for the SensorTag CC2650 which is a low-cost product offered by TI - the SensorTag - incorporates 7 different sensors into a small size, and promises low battery consumption.
List of the low power sensors: IR Temperature (both object and ambient temperature), Movement (9 axis; accelerometer; gyroscope; magnetometer), Humidity (both relative humidity and temperature), Barometer (both pressure and temperature), Optical (light intensity).

Connected Technlogies

Bluetooth: Biometric equipment
WI-FI: For robot control and IPCam
ZigBee: (IEEE 802.15.4) For wireless sensor
Domestic: (KNX) For house control
Bluetooth Smart (BLE) For house monitoring